Preventing Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is definitely no fun in the sun. In fact, the condition, which happens when the body overheats and can’t cool down, can be fatal. Needless to say, the risk of heat stroke goes way up in hot and humid weather, if you’ve been exerting yourself, if you’re dehydrated or if you’ve had too.. read more →

Do You Want to Be Able to Read and Share Your Medical Records?

A pair of U.S. studies suggest that most people do, believing it would help to boost the quality of care that they’re already receiving   Patients want easy access to any notes their doctor has recorded about them, and they want the right to let others view their medical information, according to a pair of.. read more →

Welcome to South Main Medical

Please let us know your experience using this website. Here you can find information about us and other medical related news. Thanks for visiting. read more →